Guests, Schedule & Pricing


The Show at Chantilly October 9-11, 2015


Dulles Expo Center

4320 Chantilly Shopping Center Chantilly, VA 20151

Show Hours: Friday 2 p.m.-8 p.m.     Saturday 9a.m.-5p.m.       Sunday  10am.-4 p.m.

Friday Admission FREE, Saturday $8,  Sunday $8 Weekend Pass $15

At Show Pricing Only…See Mail Order Tab for “Your Item” Price List

Brett Favre will not sign Artwork, game used, or Hall of Fame items.  Inscriptions 3 words or less, NO HOF 16 inscriptions.

Joe Montana $80 inscription up to four  words, “Team Work Makes Champions” inscription $250,
“I Left My Heart in San Francisco” inscription $300, Lithos, Artwork, Limited edition prints, $600, Seatbacks $500

Bobby Mitchell  will NOT do Photo Op’s, NOT sign Jersey’s and will only sign HOF inscription

Hockey Pucks are a Premium Item for Jim Craig…$80

1980 Mens Hockey Super ticket includes an autograph from Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, and minimum 15 other players.


PlayerBioDay SigningTimeSmall Flat/BB'sLarge FlatMini/Equip.PremiumInscriptionPhoto Op
Herb Adderley1980 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday454545451 Free/1045
Nate Archibald1991 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSunday252525251 Free/1025
Neal Broten1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Larry Brown70 Greatest RedskinsSaturday303030301 Free/1030
Dave Christian1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Steve Christoff1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Dwight Clark2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday4040404020/50 Draw the Play40
Gary Clark70 Greatest RedskinsSaturday303030301 Free/1030
Paul Coffey2004 Hockey Hall of FameSaturday505050701550
Jim Craig1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday7070708020/40 Do you believe in miracles70
Roger Craig3x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday404040402040
Eric Davis1990 World Series ChampionSunday3030303010N/A
Terrell Davis2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday1001001001201 Free/25100
Lenny Dykstra1986 World Series ChampionSunday3030303010N/A
Mike Eruzione1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday505050602050
Brett FavreSuper Bowl XXXI ChampionSaturday220270270395155375
Vince FerragamoFormer Rams QuarterbackSunday303030301 Free/1030
Walt Frazier1987 Naismith Memorial Hall of FameSunday454545551 Free/2045
Grant Fuhr2003 Hockey Hall of FameSaturday404040501040
Steve Garvey1981 World Series ChampionSunday3030303010N/A
Vladimir Guerrero9x All StarSunday8080801003080
Jack Ham1988 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday505050501 Free/1050
John Harrington1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Hulk HoganWrestling SuperstarSunday100125 125 figures165 shirts/ belts/art work/boots/trucks45125
Steve Janaszak1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Jimmy Johnson1994 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday353535351 Free/1035
Mark Johnson1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Bert JonesBaltimore Colts StarSunday404040401 Free/1040
Paul Krause1998 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday303030301 Free/1030
Jack Lambert1990 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday758585145HOF Free/2575
Steve Largent1995 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday606060701 Free/1060
Howie Long2000 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday959595952595
Gino Marchetti1972 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday303030301 Free/1030
Rob McClanahan1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Bobby Mitchell1983 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday45454545HOF FreeN/A
Art Monk2008 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday90125125150/300 jersey3090
Earl Monroe1990 Naismith Memorial Hall of FameSunday707070902070
Joe Montana2000 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday175200200225/500/60080/250/300175
Lenny Moore1975 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday303030301 Free/1030
Ken Morrow1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Kevin NashDieselSunday505050501550
Ozzie Newsome1999 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday303030301 Free/1030
Jack O'Callahan1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Jim Otto1980 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday303030301 Free/1030
Craig Patrick1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Mark Pavelich1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Clinton Portis2x Pro Bowl Running BackSaturday404040401040
Mike Ramsey1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Jerry Rice2010 Pro Football Hall of FmaeSaturday15015015020080150
Bill Romanowski4x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday353535351035
Andy Russell2x Super Bowl ChampionSunday2525252510/ NFL Record 24 Pro Bowls inscription25
Chris Samuels6x Pro BowlSaturday303030301 Free/1030
Barry Sanders2004 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12515015017560125
Ricky Sanders2x Super Bowl ChampionSaturday252525251 Free/1025
Buzz Schneider1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Dave Silk1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
John Stallworth2002 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday10010010012530100
Eric Strobel1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
LaDainian Tomlinson5x Pro Bowl Running BackSaturday8090901003580
David Thompson1996 Basketball Hall of FameSunday353535351 Free/1035
Phil Verchota1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Curt Warner3x Pro Bowl Running BackSunday252525251 Free/1025
Mark Wells1980 USA Olympic Hockey TeamSaturday303030301030
Jack Youngblood2001 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday404040401 Free/1040
1980 Hockey Super TicketIncludes Craig, Eruzione, & minimum 15 othersSaturday400400400450N/AN/A

Small Flats are items that are smaller than 11×14 inches and are flat such as Cards, photos, or magazines

Large Flats are items bigger than 11×14 inches such as photos or posters

Mini items are mini helmets or mini basketballs

Premium items are Full size Helmets, Balls, Bats or Jersey’s 

Inscription Tickets must be Accompanied by an Autograph Ticket Purchase

Guests will NOT add an Inscription to a Previously Signed item

BB’s are Baseballs and are considered a small flat.  

Hockey Pucks are considered a small flat except for Jim Craig.  

Art work is usually a Premium unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Equipment  usually falls under the Large Flat category.

Photo Op’s are taken by a professional photographer.   Up to 5 people can be in the photo.
Pictures are color glossy 8×10’s printed twenty minutes after they are taken.
Photo op service provided by Great American Photo

All categories can change according to Athletes Preference


The Forward Area

The Show at Chantilly October 9-11, 2015

The Forward Autograph Area is located at the front of the show to the left of the Will Call/Admission Booths.
There are NO tickets for the Forward Autograph Area, therefore you cannot buy advance tickets for Forward Area guests before the show.
You do not need to come to the CSA Booth in order to purchase Forward Area autographs.
In order to purchase an autograph from a Forward Area guest, simply pay at the table where you get your item signed.

Mail Order items are available for Forward Area guests on the Mail Order page.

PlayerBioDayTimeCostCourtesy of
George Coghill2 X Super Bowl Winner XXXII, XXXIII
Denver Broncos
Saturday12:00-2:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund
Gary CollinsCleveland Browns LegendSaturday10:00am-11:00pm$25/$5 insRedland Sports
Phil Ford 1976 Olympic Gold Medal
1979 NBA Rookie of the Year
1993 NCAA Champions UNC Asst Coach
Saturday10:30am-12:30pm$20Breast Cancer Fund
Sean Landeta2X SuperBowl Champion PunterSaturday1:00-2:00pmFree, one per personRedland Sports
Marc LoganSuper Bowl XXIX Champion 49'rsSaturday12:00-2:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund
Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers Sunday12:00-1:30pm$15Redland sports
Bobby RichardsonNY Yankees Legend
1960 WS MVP
5x Gold Glove
8x All-Star
3x WS Champs
Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm$35 Autographs, $10
Pedro SierraNegro League PitcherFriday, Saturday, Sunday2:00-8:00pm
$ 10 baseball cards to include 4x6 and 5x7... $20 for 8 x10 / 8.5 x 11 autographed photos , autographed baseball , $35 autographed 11x17 career collage poster
$20 for signature to sign items
CSA Shows
Luis TiantBoston Red Sox Legend
“El Tiante”
4x 20 Game Winner
1975 AL Champs
229 Wins
3x All-Star
Sunday11:00am-12:30pm$30 Autographs, $10
Clarence Vaughn2X Washington Redskins super Bowl Champion, XXII, XXVISaturday12:00-2:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund
Chris Warren3x Pro Bowl Running Back
Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday$20Breast Cancer Fund
Otis WonsleySuper Bowl XVII Champion, Member of Fun BunchSaturday12:00-2:00pm$15Breast Cancer Fund