Guests, Schedule & Pricing


The Show at Chantilly October 14-16, 2016


Dulles Expo Center

4320 Chantilly Shopping Center Chantilly, VA 20151

Show Hours: Friday 2 p.m.-8 p.m.     Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.       Sunday  10 a.m.-4 p.m.


Friday 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. $5
Friday 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. FREE
Friday FREE with Advance Ticket Purchase

Saturday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. $10
Saturday 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. FREE

Sunday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. $10
Sunday 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. FREE

Weekend Pass
$20 at Door
$15 in Advance

Kids 12 & under are FREE

At Show Pricing Only…See Mail Order Tab for “Your Item” Price List

Small flats are items that are smaller than 11×14 inches and are flat such as cards, photos, books and magazines.

Large Flats are items larger than 11×14 inches such as photos or posters.

Mini items are mini helmets or mini basketballs.

Premium items are full-size helmets, basketballs, footballs, bats or jerseys.

Inscription ticket must be accompanied by an autograph ticket.

Guests will NOT add an inscription to a previously signed item.

BB’s are baseballs and are considered a small flat.    

Original art work is usually a premium unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Equipment usually falls under the Large Flat category.

Photo Ops are taken by a professional photographer. Up to 5 people can be in the photo.
Pictures are color glossy 8×10’s printed 20 minutes after they are taken.
Photo op service provided by Great American Photo

All categories are subject to change according to Athlete’s Preference

Art Monk will sign jerseys at this appearance; they are $300.
Alexander Ovechkin will only sign the following inscriptions:
RMNB, GR8, 500th Goal 1-10-16, 15/16 Richard Trophy, 2006 Calder Trophy or personalization.
Mr. Ovechkin will not sign Artwork.
Only 25 Photo Op Tickets will be sold for Alexander Ovechkin.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will sign only NBA licensed jerseys (no customs or jersey numbers). 
He will not sign “Lew Alcindor” or “Kareem.”
His autograph is “Abdul-Jabbar.”

PlayerBioDay SigningTimeSmall Flat/BB'sLarge FlatMini/Equip.PremiumInscriptionPhoto Op
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1995 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday1:30-2:45pm100130130160/24070100
Herb Adderley1980 Pro Football Hall of FameCanceledCanceled454545451 Free/1045
Jamal AndersonPro Bowl Running BackSunday1:30-2:30pm404040401540
Ray Bourque2004 National Hockey Hall of FameSunday1:30-2:30 pm707070703070
Leo CárdenasGold Glove WinnerCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceled
Orlando Cepeda1999 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:30-1:30pm454545451 free/2045
Terrell DavisSuper Bowl XXXII MVPSunday11:00am-12:00pm1001001001001 Free/25100
Andre Dawson2010 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday11:15am-12:15pm555555752055
Dennis Eckersley2004 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday12:30-1:30pm606060802060
Carl Eller2004 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:15-1:15pm404040401 Free/1040
Dwight Evans8X Gold Glove winnerSaturday10:30-11:30AM505050502050
Alvin GarrettSuper Bowl XVII ChampionSaturday11:45am-12:45pm252525251 Free/1025
Mike Gartner2001 Hockey Hall of FameSunday2:15-3:15pm454545601 Free/1045
Tom Glavine2014 National Baseball Hall of FameSunday12:15-1:15pm7070701003070
Koda GloverWashington Nationals PitcherCanceledCanceled303030301 Free/1030
Juan Gonzalez6x Silver SluggerSaturday2:00-3:00pm454545601545
Cornelius GreeneRose Bowl MVPSaturday10:45-11:45am202020201 Free/1025
Chris Hanburger2011 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:00am-12:00pm202020201 Free/1025
Ron Hansen1960 Al ROYSunday11:15am-12:15pm252525251 Free/1025
Elvin Hayes1990 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday2:00-3:00pm303030301 Free/1030
Ted Hendricks1990 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:15-1:15pm45754575/125 jerseyHOF Free/2545
Paul Hornung1986 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:45-1:45pm505050601 Free/2050
Ken Houston1986 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:00pm40404040HOF Free40
Bailey Howell1997 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday11:45am-12:45pm303030301 Free/1030
Larry JohnsonNBA All StarSaturday2:15-3:15pm404040402040
Sonny Jurgensen1983 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:15-1:15pm8090901001 Free/2580
Carter KieboomWashington Nationals First Round PickSunday1:00-2:00pm303030301 Free30
Bernard King2013 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday1:30-2:30pm606060702060
Paul Krause1998 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:30am-12:30pm303030301 Free/1030
Steve Largent1995 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday11:45am-12:45pm606060701 Free/2060
Marv Levy2001 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:45-2:45pm202020201 Free/1025
Floyd Little2010 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:15-2:15pm404040401 Free/1040
Fred Lynn9X All StarSaturday1:30-2:30pm454545601545
Charles Mann3X Super Bowl ChampionSaturday 11:30am-12:30pm303030301 Free/1030
Gino Marchetti1972 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:15am-12:15pm30303030HOF Free30
Dennis Martínez4x All StarSunday1:00-2:00pm353535351535
Bruce Matthews2007 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday1:15-2:15pm505050501 Free/1050
Randall McDaniel2009 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday11:15am-12:15pm505050602050
Kevin McHale1999 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:00pm606060802560
Art Monk2008 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:00-1:15pm90125125150/300jersey3090
Lenny Moore1975 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:00-1:00pm30303030HOF Free30
Craig MortonSuper Bowl VI ChampionSunday2:00-3:00pm252525251025
Santana MossWashington Redskins StarSaturday12:45-1:45pm404040401040
T. J. OshieWashington Capitals StarCanceledCanceled555555551555
Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals StarSunday3:15-4:15pm11011011016050160
Orlando Pace2016 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday10:30-11:45am656565651 Free/2065
Jim Palmer1990 Baseball Hall of FameSunday11:45am-12:45pm292929291 Free/1540
Robert Parish2003 Naismith Memorial Hall of FameSaturday1:15-2:15pm404040502040
Mike Piazza2016 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday12:30-1:45pm195195195$250 Bats/Eqt/Jerseys
$400 Game Used/ Artwork
John Randle2010 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:45-1:45pm404040401540
Jim Rice2009 National Baseball Hall of FameSaturday1:00-2:00pm505050602050
John Riggins1992 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday12:00-1:15pm10013013015040100
Pete Rose3X World Series ChampionCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceledCanceled
Mark RypienSuper Bowl XXVI MVPSaturday11:00am-12:00pm505050501 Free/1565
Ralph Sampson2012 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday11:45am-12:45pm303030301 free/1030
Charley Taylor1984 Pro Football Hall of FameSaturday10:45-11:45am303030301 Free/1030
Lawrence Taylor1999 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday12:30-1:30pm751001001252575
Joe TheismannSuper Bowl XVII ChampionSunday11:15am-12:15pm656565651 Free/20N/A
Mick Tingelhoff2015 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:15-2:15pm404040401 Free/1040
Jo Jo White2015 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameSaturday2:00-3:00pm303030301 Free/1030
Doug WilliamsSuper Bowl XXII MVPSaturday12:30-1:30pm656565651 Free/1565
Tom WilsonWashington Capitals StarSunday3:00-4:00pm303030301 Free/1030
Ron Yary2001 Pro Football Hall of FameSunday1:15-2:15pm404040401 Free/1040

The Forward Area

The Show at Chantilly October 14-16, 2016

The Forward Autograph Area is located at the front of the show to the left of the Will Call/Admission Booths.
There are NO tickets for the Forward Autograph Area, therefore you cannot buy advance tickets for Forward Area guests before the show.
You do not need to come to the CSA Booth in order to purchase Forward Area autographs.
In order to purchase an autograph from a Forward Area guest, simply pay at the table where you get your item signed.

Mail Order items are available for Forward Area guests on the Mail Order page.

PlayerBioDayTimeCostCourtesy of
Susan BacklinieActor, First Victim in The Movie JAWSSaturday11:00am-3:00pm$20 any item
$10 inscription
$20 photo op
Dwier BrownActor, Field of DreamsSaturday11:30am- 1:30pm$25 any item, 1 free insc (up to 3 words), $10 additional
$20 photo op
Gridiron Autographs
Tom Brown2x Super Bowl Champion/Washington Senators Outfielder/First BaseFriday, Saturday, Sunday2:00-8:00pm
$10 any item
Rob Garrison"Tommy" from The Karate KidSaturday11:00am-1:30pm$20 any itemPro Player
Mamie "Peanut" JohnsonPitcher
Indianapolis Clowns
One of three women to play in the Negro Leagues
33-8 won-loss record and a batting average of .273
Saturday12:00-2:00pmTicket + Photo Op $15.00
Photo Op only $10.00
Breast Cancer Fund
Ivan KoloffThe Russian Bear, Former WWF World Heavyweight Champion Saturday11:00am-1:00pm$20 any item
$5 photo
Ralph MacchioActor, The Outsiders, Karate Kid, My Cousin VinnySaturday11:00am-1:30pm$40 any item
$40 photo op
Inscriptions: $20
Inscriptions on GIS, Headbands and Karate Uniforms: $40
Pedro SierraNegro League Pitcher,
Indianapolis Clowns, Detroit Stars
Friday, Saturday, SundayFriday 2:00-8:00pm, Sat.9:00am-5:00pm, Sun.10:00am-4:00pmAutographed baseballs $20, 4x6, 5x7 cards and baseball cards $10, 8.5x11 Autographed photos $20...inscriptions $20CSA SHOWS
William Zabka"Johnny" from The Karate Kid MovieSaturday11:00am-1:30pm$30 any item
$30 photo op
$20 inscription
Pro Player