Mail Order “YOUR” Items

The Show at Chantilly
October 13-15, 2017


Chantilly Show Mail Order “Your” Items:

We must have your items at our office by Friday October 6, 2017.

Dear Valued CSA Shows Customer,

First of all, thank you for your business. We’re proud that you have entrusted us to help you build your autograph collection. Several members of our staff are collectors as well, so we understand how seriously collectors take their hobby.

For some time we’ve been considering clarifying and making a few slight changes to our mail order policy for “your items” that are sent to us to be signed. We hope that these steps will streamline the mail order process for both our employees and our customers.

Below is a brief outline of what we think would make life easier for both parties. Please look them over and consider them when sending your items for the next show.

Please Print and use the Mail Guideline Order Form below when sending in “your” item.

Click Here For Mail Order Guidelines

Thank you for your consideration.

CSA Shows Mail Order Guidelines

• Please label your item with the name of the person you want to sign it, where on the item you want the signature, what color ink to use, any inscriptions you require, and any authentication you might want. Also, please put your name somewhere on the item itself. We have found that the blue painter’s tape works very well on most items and leaves no evidence behind when removed. And please put your phone number and email address somewhere in the package. We want to be able to contact you quickly if we have any questions about your item.

• Please include your payment (check or money order) or payment information (credit card) WITH the items you have sent. We often get packages with notes to call the customer for payment information and some, believe it or not, without any correspondence at all. The extra step of us having to match up a payment with an item results in the expenditure of a lot of time, and we want to try to alleviate this situation to help the process run more smoothly. The elimination of this extra step should also lead to your items being returned to you more quickly.

• Please include return postage in the form of a prepaid label, stamps or as a monetary addition to the payment for your item. We ship via USPS and FedEx (Express and Ground) unless otherwise instructed. If you require shipment via UPS, you must include a prepaid label. If you’re sending stamps or adding an amount for shipping to your payment for the item, we ask only that you enclose the amount it cost you to send it to us and add the proper amount to cover any extra insurance that you may require as a result of the signature we obtained on the item.

*Inscription Tickets must be Accompanied by an Autograph Ticket Purchase, Guests will NOT add an Inscription to a Previously Signed item.

Large Flats are for items over 11×14 in size (photos, posters, etc.). Mini Helmet category includes mini helmet, mini basketballs, cleats, etc.) Premiums are full size helmets, jerseys, footballs, basketballs, bats.

Please mail items to:


CSA Shows

3154 Afton Mountain  Rd. #4

Afton, VA 22920-2211

We need to receive your items at address above by Friday October 6, 2017.

Your package should include return shipping. Either enclose a UPS/FedEx/USPS return label or add the amount it cost you to ship the item to us to your payment for return shipping. Please note on US Mail that return postage cannot be predated. If you need to know how much to include for return shipping or insurance, please email us at (Please include information about the item you are sending, where we are sending it (zip code), what you would like the items insured for and what shipping service (USPS or FedEx) you prefer, or call us at 540-456-6877.

Please note that CSA cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. We strongly recommend insuring all items. If you have any questions about our mail order policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at 540-456-6877.

For CSA matching numbered tamper proof stickers, please add $4 per your item. CSA stickers are automatically added if you purchase our signed items.

For SGC authentications, please add $6 per item.

In most cases, the items sent to us have been processed and put back into the shipping channels on their way back to you by the Thursday that follows the show.


*Joe Montana

$100 insc.  “HOF 2000”, “Joe Cool”, “Go Irish”, “3x SB MVP”, “4x Champ”, “SB XVI MVP”, “SB XIX MVP”, SB XXIV MVP”, or “1977 Champs”
$200 insc. “SB XVI – XIX – XXIV MVP”

$300 “Teamwork Makes Champions” insc.

$400 “I left my heart in San Francisco” insc.

$600 Lithos, Artwork, Limited-edition Prints

$500 Seatbacks

 *David Ortiz

$250 baseball/ flats up to 16×20
$300 flats larger than 16×20/eqt/bats/jerseys
$400 artwork/lithos/giclee
$80 inscription 1 per item. Choices: Big Papi, 541 HR’s, 2013 WS MVP, 3x WS Champs, This is our F’n City… No game used inscriptions

*Alexander Ovechkin

will only sign the following inscriptions, RMNB, GR8, 500th Goal 1-10-16, 15/16 Richard Trophy, 2006 Calder Trophy or personalization.

*Jerome Bettis
Will Not Sign Artwork

*Roberto Alomar
HOF items are considered a premium

*Mike Wagner
Steel Curtain Panoramic Items are $140

Player NameSmall Flat upto 11x14Large Flat over 11x14Mini Helmet/ EquipmentPremiumInscription
Brandon Quintin Adams252525251 Free
Roberto Alomar*6060909030
Buff Bagwell252525251 Free/10
Maxie Baughan202020201 Free/15
Tom Berenger404040401 Free/20
Corbin Bernsen4040404015/40 STMO
Dale Berra303030301 Free/10
Jerome Bettis*11013013015050
The Blue Meanie151515151 Free/10
Jeff Bostic252525251 Free/15
Dick Butkus1001001001201 Free, HOF Only
Gary Clark2525252510
Randall Cunnungham6565658025
Demolition Ax151515151 Free/10
Rick Dempsey303030301 Free/10
Elena Delle Donne4545454520
Shane Douglas202020201 Free/10
Clint Didier303030301 Free/15
Victor DiMattia252525251 Free
Marcel Dionne404040401 Free/15
Matt Doherty252525251 Free
Chris Doleman404040401 Free/15
Tommy Dreamer252525251 Free/10
Carlton Fisk90909012030
Tim Foli303030301 Free/10
Ed Giacomin404040401 Free/15
Robert Gibson151515151 Free/10
Dwight Gooden3030303015
Jim "Mudcat" Grant303030301 Free/10
Ray Guy404040401 Free/20
John Hannah404040401 Free/15
Richie Hebner303030301 Free/10
Ted Hendricks4575451251 Free/25
Keith Hernandez4545454520
Brett Hull6060607025
Dan Issel4040404020
Sonny Jugensen809090150HOF Free/40 anything else
Billy Kilmer404040401 Free/15
Vincent Larusso25252525`1 Free
Ari Lehman303030301 Free/10
Ed McCaffrey3030303010
Joe Montana*195195195225/500/600100 insc.  "HOF 2000", "Joe Cool", "Go Irish", "3x SB MVP", "4x Champ", "SB XVI MVP", "SB XIX MVP", SB XXIV MVP", or "1977 Champs"
200 insc. "SB XVI - XIX - XXIV MVP"
300 "Teamwork Makes Champions" insc.
Lenny Moore303030301 Free/HOF Only
Ricky Morton151515151 Free/10
Randy Moss16016016019570
Ozzie Newsome353535351 Free/15
Shane Obedzinski252525251 Free
Jonathan Ogden505050501 Free/20
David Ortiz*25025030040080
Alexander Ovechkin*11011011016550
Vincint Pastore2525252510
Gaylord Perry3030303015
Tim Raines7585859525
John Riggins10013013015040
Rikishi252525251 Free/10
Mark Rypien505050501 Free/20
The Sandman202020201 Free/10
Manny Sanguillen303030301 Free/10
Donnie Shell2525252510
Pedro Sierra202020201 Free/5
Ron Simmions252525251 Free/10
Smash151515151 Free/10
Ozzie Smith55959512520
Rod Smith3030303010
Jan Stenerud35353535HOF Free/15
Kent Tekulve303030301 Free/10
Joe Theismann656565651 Free/20
Duane Thomas353535351 Free/15
Bryan Trottier454545451 Free/15
Marty York252525251 Free
Burt Young4040404010
Mike Wagner*25252525/14010
Nathan Walker3030303020
Hines Ward85858510040
Ricky Watters4040404015
Spud Wedd3535353515
Dominique Wilkins5050505025
Aeneas Williams404040401 Free/15
Doug Williams656565651 Free/20