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Ford Matt

hey bill, I know while he was playing he was famous for only doing private signings but has anyone actually tried to get bret favre to do a public signing since he retired I mean has any effort been made to reach out to him , I think Chantilly would be a perfect place for him to do a first rare public signing

Oct 16th 7:43pm • No Comments

Mike Layton

1980 USA mens hockey members, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Paul Coffey, Andrew McCutchen, Mario Lemieux, Ken Griffey Jr., Joey Votto, Cal Ripken Jr., Y.A Tittle(cancelled last show), Jeff Hostetler, John Stallworth, Randy Moss, Ronnie Lott, Warren Moon

Oct 16th 12:41pm • 1 Comment

Kevin Walker

How about The Core 4? Jeter, Posada,Rivera, and Pettitte. It will cost some $$$, but would be worth it. Throw in Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neill as well. April is Baseball time! Maybe a Perfect Game theme?? What about a 1979 Pirates or 1983 Orioles reunion? Or if you want to do basketball, what about an ABA theme, or Virginia Squires, just sayin'.

Oct 15th 8:06pm • 1 Comment